God Save the (Drama) Queen!

We all like to think we’re the stars in the 24-7 show we call our daily lives. On occasion however, there are secondary and supporting actors on set who seem to take up more of our screen time than we do. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to the Drama Queen:

dra·ma queen [ drámmə kween]
Noun // Definition:

1. The term “drama queen,” or less frequently, “drama king” is usually applied to someone […] who tends to overreact to seemingly minor incidents. A drama queen often views the world in absolutes, and only has two settings on [their] emotional control button; zero and ten. (Source: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-drama-queen.htm)

In the NelleyTimes definition, please also add charismatic. These ‘starlets’ possess a certain charm that can draw even the most brilliant minds into their clutches to unwittingly dedicate themselves to soothing their emotional aches and bruises. Don’t forget, to the innocent bug, the Venus Fly Trap looks like a beautiful plant. That is, until it gets too close.

Most are trapped until such a time they can break free of their grasps. This typically involves gnawing off a leg, breaking free of the bear trap and happily hopping to freedom. In extreme cases, some would use said leg to beat said Drama Queen but in most cases we victims are simply happy enough to get back to our lives and regain our sanity.

Drama Queens in my life certainly bring the crazy but they also bring the fun. As someone who loves everything random, over the top and spontaneous, Drama Queens are unfortunately right up my alley.

What intrigues me most about them is how they can easily rationalize and relate any given situation back to their sad/sorry/victimized life. Whether or not they are sad/sorry or a victim is simply beside the point.

Even the minutia of their daily lives is fodder for their alleged pain and suffering. Events can range from getting coffee in the morning in a horribly long line up with horrible service; to getting bumped into at a club by some ‘crazy bitch’ who has it out for them. Anything and everything is enormously complex and somehow designed to systematically ruin their lives. In the coffee example above, the experience made his morning horrible, which led to a horrible afternoon and thus, in his words: “Typical of my horrible life”. Even though I had started this discussion by mentioning a work function that I was attending later on– the story still somehow got turned around into his coffee buying experience earlier that day.

Or, perhaps I like them because I find the minute details of their lives so fascinating- or at least I find their fascination in the minute details of their lives fascinating. In either case I have happily played the role of ‘studio audience of one’ on numerous occasions before coming to my senses and breaking free.

Which brings us to our challenge for the next week – let’s all be Drama Queens. Not literally of course. A week as Drama Queen is certainly enough time to lose all our friends and alienate our co-workers. Let’s simply take back the spotlight in our own lives and live every moment – no matter how insignificant. I realize this may be hard for some, myself included but we must be strong and we’ll get through it. Even though I really have had no dramatic moments lately. Hmmmm…but I did have sushi the other day and the sweet old Japanese woman who sold it to me didn’t ask me if I wanted any tea while I waited for my order – that bitch! She must be totally out to get me and wants to ruin my life.

Hey! Maybe there’s hope for me yet.

I am reminded of all this by a recent meeting with a friend I haven’t seen in quite some time. Out of sight, I miss them terribly and reminisce on the good times we shared. In person though, as they start in on a new personal slight that has befallen them, I quickly flash back to the many tantrums, outbursts and pity parties I had to attend in their honour. As they continue to prattle on about their most recent injustice, I wonder who has since taken on this thankless role. Almost immediately I realize I don’t really care and am just thankful to the heavens that it’s no longer me.

Free at last!

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