Opportunity knocks – Olympic style

Knock. Knock.
Who’s there?
Open up, it’s the 2010 Olympics.
..…The 2010 Olympics who?

When the Olympics comes a knocking, what are YOU gonna do?

As part of the 2010 team, this is MY logo now too!

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Olympics and knew it would only be a matter of time before my love of the Olympics would finally come together with my desire to be a part of the Olympics.

Unless you purposely avoid any type of news or information outlets out of fear of being too knowledgeable, you must be aware that the 2010 Winter Olympics will be taking place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Luckily, it’s also my current place of residence.  With the games only a few weeks away, the city is still very much in the midst of last minute preparations.  Even unseasonably warm weather won’t stop us though. While Inuit cultures have many words for snow there’s only one universal word for ‘this sucks’:  Booooo!. We’re the land of the north so we’ve taken the cue and gone further up to bring the snow down south by the truckload. While most years we’re happy when we reach highs of 12 degrees in January, this year we’re hoping to be as cold as the rest of the world thinks we already are. As stereotypes go, the fear is some tourists will be looking for igloos and Eskimos when they get here and will instead be greeted by puddle covered streets and Hawaiian shirt wearing locals in flip flops.  Aloha, eh.

Ever since Vancouver was chosen as the host city (go Canada go!), I’ve been trying to be a part of the games. Besides applying for several positions on the team, I’ve also tried to volunteer to host any of the Canadian men’s teams, happily offering my home for them to use.  With me still in it of course ( I’ve always been a giver).

I’ve always assumed my role in the Olympics would be as a competitor and not just cheering on the sidelines but getting a chance to watch them AND be a part of the Olympic team is certainly tempting.  Also, my first choice would have been for the summer version as my sports of choice are in track and field, more specifically the 100 and 200m sprints (In my dreams, I win medals all the time). However, beggars can’t be choosers and when the behemoth powerhouse known as the Olympics is calling the shots, you happily do as you’re told.

When the opportunity to be a part of the Olympic team first presented itself, I wondered what my role in these 2010 games could be:

  • Host of the opening ceremonies?
  • Commentator for the bobsled races?
  • Performance artist for the victory ceremonies?

    Ooooo so sparkly! I can cash you in for Olympic tickets...

  • Or runner up to Miss 2010 Olympic Games. After all, should, for any reason, Miss 2010 Olympic Games not be able to fulfill her Olympic duties at the 2010 Olympics I would be ready and willing to step in. ( I predict a Hawaiian shirt related mishap in her future…)

However, what I was initially told about the position was this:

  • There may be long hours  (not a problem)
  • There will be no change to your current salary  (oh well, that’s fair)
  • Any overtime you complete will be voluntary hours (as I said, I’ve always been a giver)
  • You’ll be locked away in an office building  (I’m locked away anyway, at least now there will be a different view of the wall)
  • Many repetitive administrative duties (repeats just mean I will inevitably get better!)

    Ack! Can I at least be-dazzle it??

  • Numerous bosses to answer to (well how can this be bad? Oh right.)
  • More tasks than can be physically completed in a day (so I should give 120%?)
  • Working with a lot of highly skilled A personality types (yikes!)
  • No per diems  (what’s a per diem?)
  • No bonuses (ummm…)
  • The location has no parking and is not easily accessible by public transit (er….)
  • No free tickets or special access (…)
  • There’s little chance of working on Olympic venues/sites (what?!)
  • And you might have to wear the following uniform =>

My final answer: Where do I sign up?
So the dust has settled, the offer letter has been signed, proper expectations have been set and Monday, January 25th marks my first day as an official 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics team member. My excitement: unmatched, my eagerness: unrivalled and my desire to be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity: limitless.

Let’s do this!


Hey look, another prediction realized! Either I’m pretty good at this prediction stuff … well there are no other options. 2 out of 8 have been true so far. See why predictions are more fun than resolutions?

Bet you’re really paying close attention now. 😉

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