Olympics: Something even Vegas won’t do

The Olympics are coming, the Olympics are coming!

Only 12 days remain until the world descends on Canada. Despite the numerous road closures, despite the increased traffic everywhere and the anticipated long line-ups and crowds at every venue, my excitement continues to rise. I expect the city to spill over with people and parties and good times and that sounds pretty good to me.

However, as my idle hands have always taught me, every good thing can be made even better with one simple addition…

Quick Olympic checklist:

  • Living in an Olympic city –
  • Obtaining tickets to several Olympic events –
  • Working for the Olympic team (@ Olympic headquarters no less) –
  • Visiting public Olympic themed venues (pending)…

Needing to get that last one checked off the list, I travelled to Vancouver’s famed Granville St. to take some pictures and take in all the excitement downtown:

And check!

Now that the last check is out of the way, it’s time to get to the good stuff.

I don’t know what I love most about the Olympics. Perhaps it’s the friendly but heated competition; maybe it’s many nations coming together  in the pursuit of athletic excellence; or it could simply be the foreign flavour. My good friends know (and can blackmail me with the info) about my love for all things foreign- Hungarians, Italians, Jamaicans, Germans, Spanish, and of course the French (oh how I love the French!).
If anyone asks though, we’ll just say it’s for the ‘sport’.  😉

Speaking of sport, gambling is a form of and speaks to the only way I can see making the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic games  more exciting: By putting some money on it!

Surprisingly, you can’t place any wagers on Olympic sports in Vegas because betting on amateur sports is not allowed there (What!? So the city of sin has morals?).  This forces us gambling degenerates to go elsewhere, but where?

Quick thinking and a positive ‘Can Do’ attitude easily solved that problem. You can’t bet on the events themselves, but you can certainly bet on activities surrounding the events.

I introduce you to Nelleytimes’ Olympic Action: all of the fun with none of the fuss of ‘rules’ or ‘regulations’. Starting February 12th and running until the end of games, don’t just have fun at the events, have fun before, after and during too. I don’t know why Vegas hasn’t thought of this already but until they buy the rights from me (in exchange they can clear my tab @ the Bellagio, no less!) we’re gonna run with this.

Please review the following actions and odds to get yourself prepared. Prizes are the usual: pride, bragging rights, a sense of accomplishment and of course -my personal favourite – cash money. As always, winners take all and losers remain losers (sorry, I don’t make the rules. Oh wait, I do!):

#1. Watch an Olympic event live

ODDS: 2 to 1

#2. Attend an Olympic after party at a local bar

ODDS: 3 to 1

#3. Get your picture taken with an Olympic athlete (more athletes gets you more points)

ODDS: 4 to 1

#4. Get yourself into the Athlete’s Olympic Village (FYI – as of last Thursday it went on official lock down. Only athletes and official personnel allowed in. So this will require some creative thinking and/or some amazing flirting).

ODDS: 20 to 1

#5. Attend the Opening or closing ceremonies….but for free!! (FYI, those tickets originally started @ $800 and are selling online for $2000+)

ODDS: 50 to 1

#6. Take a picture with a Canadian athlete (International points for international athletes)

ODDS: 6 to 1

International ODDS: trois à un

#7. Have a drink with a Canadian athlete (double points if they’ve won a medal and triple points if you get them drunk)

Regular ODDS: 10 to 1

Drunken ODDS with an athlete from Newfoundland: 1 to 1

Bonus points too if you get them to buy YOU a drink.

#8. Getting in a background or crowd shot on the local news (Hi mom!)

ODDS: 15 to 1

#9. Marry an Olympian (current or former)

ODDS: 100 to 1

#10. Have your own idea? Share it @ Nelleytimes@gmail.com and, upon review, we can add it to the list. Odds will be mathematically determined by randomly hitting numbers on my calculator. All winners will be announced at the end of the Olympics so keep playing, keep track of your score (pictures help) and stay tuned.

Now, let the games begin!

Nightime picture #1

Nightime picture #2

Nightime picture #3

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