Where’s my million?

I had dreams of being independently wealthy by now.  However, those fantasies have since been pushed aside by the harsh realities of net income, multiple extended vacations and the worst offender of all -basic living expenses. The ultimate misnomer as where some consider the ‘basics’ to be food and shelter, others would prefer it to include hair salon visits and weekends away.

Self-realization is a scary thing. The older you get, the more you realize how much time you don’t have. The more you learn; the more there is to know. An unfortunate paradox where age equals inner beauty and acquired knowledge highlights the lack thereof.

Looking back, I feel few regrets, just anger at what could have been and at the time wasted on people who shouldn’t have counted and things that didn’t matter.  All that worrying to please others rather than asking if I was pleasing myself first.

Years of saying yes to things I didn’t want and no to things that may have been for my own good.
No to the dreams I held dear and yes to dreams others had for me.
Saying no out of fear and yes to the soft cushion of safety.

So now I’m putting out a notice: The time to change is NOW.

Obvious: In 5 years’ time it will still be 5 years’ time.

Not so obvious: How that time is spent is always in your hands and as such, what I do is in mine. It’s never too late to begin the journey and never too soon to start.

The beginning has begun and today feels differently already. Because now it’s not a matter of a simple yes or no answer.  This time around, it’s I who’s asking the questions.



Up next in the blogging world:

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  • Netball: One of the most popular games you’ve never heard of and the most fascinating.
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  • Budgetary Restraint 3 1/3: The journey home. More tips and tricks to financial success by not spending money and having a great time not spending it. Don’t believe it? Get prepared to be surprised.

Stay tuned… 😉

2 thoughts on “Where’s my million?

  1. However, the things you did or didn’t want to do and the people who have come and gone out of your life and played some part in contributing to who you are today. Everything and everyone leaves some kind of impact. You might not see it right away and it doesn’t have to be big but it does. So remember you might not be where you are today if you hadn’t done some of the things you didn’t want etc.

    • Good point! As an optimist I like your point of view. I sometimes try to bury my head in the sand on the negative stuff but you’re right. I should embrace them both and take it all as a learning experience. Thx sweetie. Ur smarter than you look. 😉

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