UFC 116 – Fighting to Win

Who:     Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin

What:  UFC 116 (the 116th battle/match of the Ultimate Fighting Championship)
When:  Saturday, July 3, 2010

Where:  Friend’s house

Why:  The food darlings, the food!

The invite, via text, was simply this:

“Hey everyone, having people over for the UFC fight/drinks/eats/good times. Let me know if you’re coming!”

I would go for the eats, definitely enjoy the drinks and of course stay for the good times.

I’ve only seen highlights of UFC fights when flipping through sports channels on TV and in the background at sports bars but I’ve never paid much attention. Now, in the face of and with the added bonuses of booze, BBQ meats and good times, I felt it was finally time to become an expert in UFC fighting and watch my first one. Heck, maybe I’d even become a UFC commentator one day the likes of Joe Rogan.

Yes, from Fear Factor fame

With a pack of friends in tow, we head over to our local UFC headquarters (friend’s apartment). I trained well for this event and arrive with an empty stomach and a 26er of Russia’s finest mid-to-low priced vodka (to share…maybe…).

To kick things off there was The pre-card (preliminary card): This is the event that takes place before the main event. The crowd is excited for it but it’s really just there to prepare everyone for the main events coming up.

The pre-card consisted of:

  • Homemade 7 layer dip & tortilla chips
  • Deep fried Zucchini sticks
  • Spinach dip, pico de gallo
  • Vegetable platter
  • Homemade tztziki with feta and cucumbers
  • Hummus and pita bread

As I begin to stuff my face (they would have to pry me away from the 7 layer dip later), in the background Joe Rogan is interviewing some guys about the fighting and the winning and or losing of something or other. While I wipe spinach dip off my chin, I learn that we had also apparently moved into the ‘co main’ events.  A Chris Leben beat a lovely Japanese fellow by knocking him out cold (so mean!) and a Stephan Bonner defeated a nice Canadian boy by TKO (technical knock out) which is an interesting term, because technically, it means no one was actually knocked out but someone has to be the winner (I picture it being an eenie, meenie, miny, moe type judgment call). Officially for me, the award goes to the hostesses for the sheer amount of homemade fare at the event.



Cool things I learned during UFC 116:

  1. Tapout is not just a brand but refers to the fact that the fighters have to ‘tap out’ 3 times for the ref to end the match
  2. When asked why they give up and tapout (hee hee hee) when in a headlock, I was told that otherwise they would pass out cold or worse, have their necks snapped (aren’t sports fun?)
  3. The main event is not always the last event of the night. Time permitting, they throw in an additional match which I take from the empty seats in the stands, few people watch or seem to care about


Back to the Fights!

The Main Event: At long last, it’s arrived.  The preliminaries and the co-main were lovely, but the main event is what we all really came for. There’s an appreciative hush and silence from the crowd in desperate anticipation.

We could smell the main event all through the appetizers and when it was finally announced, we were more than ready for it :

Meat’s ready!!:

  • BBQ chicken wings
  • Cheese and garlic Smokies
  • Sirloin beef hamburgers with all the fixings
  • This was shortly followed by another co main event – oven roasted spicy Tandoori chicken

In the background: Big Brock Lesnar knocks out Big Shane Carwin by submission, which in this case means Lesnar nearly chokes him to death. So in order for Carwin to not die by lack of air, he has to tapout 3 times (woo -tapout! Learning new terms is fun).

Look like a couple of momma's boys to me

Post Main Event/Filler: After the anticipation and the lead up to the main event, everyone’s had their fill and can take in no more. Whatever comes next is not going to be nearly as exciting or be half as interesting.

Filler/ (aka dessert): Mini chocolate éclairs, cream puff pastries, chocolate brownies and various sweet breads.

By this time I was already in a food coma and can only remember vague tastes (something definitely had chocolate in or on it) and mumbled sounds (why is she licking the chocolate sauce off the plate?).

At this point the ‘drinks’ promised portion of the evening came into full swing. By the amount of shots that were served (all cool concoctions created by the hosts) I wasn’t sure if we were celebrating Lesnar‘s win (drinks in his honour!) or trying to emulate the loser by trying to knock ourselves out (KO’s for everybody!). Luckily, by the 8th concoction, I realized we were trying to do both.

Final Verdict: I have no interest in ‘sports’ where the object is to knock the other person out by sheer power, steroid induced force and an inordinate amount of kicks to the face. Choosing the better between boxing or a UFC fight, I would give points to UFC because I definitely see more skill required in that arena (martial arts, jiu jitsu, etc) than I do in the hit-face-as-hard-as-you-can then repeat style of standard boxing.

In any case, the party was a lot of fun, the fights took place (yay?), the people were great (as promised) and the good times did flow. The next match up – UFC 117 is right around the corner and as I hinted to the hosts, I’m hoping to get an invite to that one too. Not because it’ll be Silva vs. Sonnen for the main event (whoever they are). No, mainly because…

I heard they’ll be serving a Mexican themed buffet. Mmmmm.

Joe Rogan image source
Tapout image source
Lesnar/Carwin image source

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