Still a good DAM magazine

I’m published again, yay!

I had the great opportunity to speak with One for Jude – a very cool band from Paris, France – in the latest issue of DAM Magazine, available online.

Thailand’s beautiful white sand beaches and clear waters are world-renowned. However, this is no vacation for Billy Amzal, lead vocalist from the worldly band One for Jude. Currently situated in the city of Chiang Mai, 435 miles (700km) north of the capital city of Bangkok, Amzal is here on a humanitarian mission with the Global Fund. Their mission: to increase awareness and prevention of HIV/Aids through communication and education across the nation. D.A.M.’s mission: to find out more about this conscientious group that defies convention.

DAM Magazine, Issue #15

Page 2 of the interview can be found here (located on page 21) along with an interview with soul provider and 2010 nominee for best Male R&B artist at the BET Awards- Raheem DeVaughn.

What else is going on…

When late night TV isn’t bad…

Click- LifeTurns

Characteristically up late but unchracteristically staying at home, I come across the BBC’s web technology show “Click”. The show’s on mute because I’m doing several mindless things at once (downloading songs, viewing youtube videos, playing music and surfing the web) with no room left for targeted concentration. Through my TV’s closed captioning feature, I can glance over and read the topics on the show, when necessary. The current story is about BlipFoto and what looked like a series of photos of people walking that were pieced together to make it look like an animated film.

The website appeared at the top of the screen so I quickly typed it into my web browser:

Turns out, it’s an art project for the 2010 Edinburgh Art Festival. The artists are piecing together photographs from submissions from all over the world and creatively making an animated film based on montages of people walking.

Sounds silly, but when you check out the website and all the details, it’s a collaborative project that literally brings together hundreds to thousands of people from all over the world. I love connections so any project that encourages them gets a Nelleytimes’ seal of approval. An original concept and a great idea.

The best part is, we can contribute pictures of ourselves in various walking poses to be a part of the art project. Stay tuned for mine. I’ll have to get the proper ensemble together first, natch, but once that’s done, y’all better be prepared for my starring role in this thing.  😉

Check it out @

When it’s time to turn off your computer…

The Lying Down game

Certainly not the fun version I was hoping for (cuz I’d win that one), to play this game you must follow these rules:

  • The palms of your hands must be flat against your side
  • The tips of your toes must be pointing to the ground
  • The goal: you must look as if you are standing but while laying face down

The tips to help you ‘win’ at this game with no prizes (except fleeting internet fame, approximate value $0), as taken from their Facebook page, are such:

–         The more public the better

–         The more people involved the better

With a website, over 100,000 facebook fans and actual media coverage, this game is gaining popularity around the world.

So yes, it’s certainly an original concept, but is it a great idea? It almost makes me think that we’ve come to a point in human existence where we celebrate the mundane, encourage foolishness masked as creativity and essentially have nothing more productive to do with our time. I hate to be a hypocrite (except, of course, when I’m being a hypocrite) but I can’t wrap my head around this one and have no desire to lie face down in a public washroom with 8 of my best friends just to gain 20 seconds of Internet notoriety…

Maybe if it was 30 seconds of fame…  😉

Your thoughts?




Blipfoto images
Lying down game images

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