As you were

You’re running along side me when you come out of your haze.

The snow is falling fast and heavy from the grey sky above and we slip and slide on the icy path as we surge ahead.

“It’s cold out” you say and grab onto my arm for support.

“Yes,” I reply happily, “isn’t it wonderful?” and pull you forward.

As time passes, the clouds above us part and the sun begins to peak out from behind the darkness.

The snow turns to rain. Big sparkling drops smack our faces and fall loudly into forming puddles at our feet.

“It’s raining.” You say to me.

“Yes.” I reply again. “Isn’t it wonderful?”

You change your gait to side step the gathering water while I purposely splash loudly into every puddle along the way.

I tug your arm and take you onto a path, half hidden by the trees, that leads us deep into the forest.

“Where are we going?” you ask, slowing your pace.

“Come on!” I laugh giddily and grab your hand to pull you in. As we enter the forest, the sun’s rays fight to reach us through the thick brush of the trees. Darkness around us reigns once more.

“Where are we going?” you ask again.

Leading the way, I look back at you quizzically and don’t reply. The forest floor is cold and the earth is wet and muddy from the weather’s previous assault.  We move along the haphazard route, our shoes pulling against the mud and making sucking noises with the rise of our steps; their steady rhythm the only sound we hear in the eerie silence.

“Where are we going?” you ask a third time, a note of urgency entering your voice.

This time I point to a clearing ahead. “There, of course.”

We break through the darkness of the trees and into a small grassy enclave. There’s a drop in the path neither of us expected and we both stumble and fall to the soft grass below. Stained and bruised, I laugh at our clumsiness as you hastily get to your feet.

The rain has stopped and the enclave is warm from the sun’s embrace. The only reminder from the previous weather is a slight cold breeze in the air.

You reach down to pull me up and I allow you to guide me skywards.

It’s bright in the clearing and you shield the sun’s glare from your eyes with your hands. Looking further on, you’re shocked to see a swift drop only a little ways ahead. From where you’re standing, you can’t see what’s beyond the drop except for a large expanse of sky.

As if in response to your question, a bird flies from below the ledge and soars above then behind us, its wings flapping loudly against the breeze.

Now on my feet, I take my purse, turn it upside down and shake it out. Nonchalantly, I watch as all its contents fall into the long grass.

You gasp as you look down to see my possessions drop to the ground.

“What are you doing?”

I toss my purse aside and shrug. “You can’t take it with you.”

Next, I quickly remove my clothing, tossing layered tanks, chemises and shirts onto the grass.

You jump back and ask nervously “What are you doing?”

I look back at you, puzzled, and shrug again “It’s just clothing.”

Stepping out of my last bits of clothing, I welcome the warm sun rays against my bare skin and move forward towards the ledge.

Without looking back, I ask you to join me.

You feel the cool breeze again and shiver. Holding your arms tightly around your torso, you freeze and say nothing. When I look back, you can only shake your head no.

Taking several more steps towards the edge, I call out to you: “That’s okay. Join me when you’re ready!”

I take one last step forward and leap.




Where’d this come from??

Reading this guy’s blog piece  made me want to write a ‘slice of life’ creative writing piece too. Thanks for the inspiration, stranger. Gawd bless the Internet!

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