Ready for your close-up?

C’mon. Who doesn’t like getting their photo taken again and again and again and again? As it turns out, excluding fame hungry celebutants (ahem, Heidi Montag, ahem) a lot of people don`t. Myself included. However when you introduce a professional hair stylist into this equation and then add in a professional makeup artist to be on hand throughout the photo shoot, suddenly getting your photo taken repeatedly becomes very enticing indeed. Who doesn’t like taking a guaranteed great photo? Tally the number in this new group and its definitely gotten bigger. Include me in this new group too (guaranteed? That`s like over 50%!).

The term ‘Boudoir Photo’ elicits mixed reactions from people, depending on whom you ask. To some, it’s reminiscent of old school parlour shots still done at carnivals and fairs today.  But today, boudoir photos can be whatever you want them to be. They can range from innocent snap shots of you in colourful outfits and fun poses, to high art shots with strategically placed feathers (aka fancy nudes). The decision is up to you and the creative potential is unlimited.

You who!!!

I love photography but after toying around with a friend’s $3,000 camera ($1,000 camera with a $2,000 lens) I proved that skill comes not with the cost of your equipment but from actual skill. Humph! 

Luckily we had the very talented Ray Chum from, who came with actual skill, in charge of taking the photos (cost = priceless).

For today’s event, I would not be in any photos but I hoped I would at least get to enjoy some of the fun if not all of the excitement.

As you know, I’ve accumulated several fun roles over the past year and one of them is as a marketing specialist for the wedding products and wedding consulting company

In this role we’ve planned, plotted and attended events but this was our first together involving a photo shoot. Both of us being expert event planners with numerous successful events in our past, we figured we had this one under control.

After all, with all the expertise in the room, what could go wrong?…

ooo la la!

Up at the crack of 7:30am, on my day off, no less, we arrived at the Executive Hotel`s fully loaded penthouse suite.  The sun was shining brightly through the floor to ceiling windows throughout the 2-level suite and we had a clear view of the mountains. The perfect day and backdrop for our photo shoot.  So far, so good.
All the girls arrived for their individual photo shoots filled with excitement and brimming with nervous energy. As the day’s assistant, I played the role of everyone’s beetch and carried bags, poured drinks (only water for once!), and made sure everyone was comfortable, relaxed and feeling great. 

Running around and prepping the sets, getting drinks, and keeping everyone chocolate filled and in high spirits was a lot of fun, surprisingly. I enjoyed pampering the lovely ladies and this sudden selflessness is very rare of and so unlike me. As the day went on and photo shoot after photo shoot took place, I dutifully played the role of helpful spectator despite hearing all the giggles and laughter from the studio above. It was okay this time but next time I definitely want a starring role.

Like I said earlier, ‘So what could go wrong???’

Well like I also said earlier ‘we had a whole bunch of experts helping on this’…

So absolutely nothing. 😉 



 Top 3 Boudoir Photo shoot tips (as taken from

  1. Wardrobe: Bring a few options to try (2 to 4 options) but not too many accesories (earrings, bracelets, etc) as you don`t want them to overpower your natural beauty.
  2. Hair: Wear it down in soft curls or waves if possible. This is the most easily manageable hair for the many poses and positions you might want to try.
  3. Makeup: If doing your own makeup then go heavy on your foundation, powder, bronzer, and/or blush. This shows up better in photos and puts you in your best light.


Ready to get pampered and take your own boudoir photo? Contact WeddingbBlingz today! 

Photo sources:  old school saloon, sexy curvy corset

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