The Perfect Wedding Show

I’ve twittered, I’ve facebooked and I’ve literally littered the internet (and the streets) with event announcements. If you aren’t sick of me talking about The  Perfect Wedding Show by now then I have both good news and then a little bad news for you… followed by some worse news for you (I’ve always been a giver).

The Good News

The show is done! Over! Kaput. It happened on Sunday April 17, and is now over. My social life that was on hold for 6 weeks during planning and execution (with a one week hiatus in Cancun, Mexico, hee hee hee)  is now back on and in full swing. Even now as I’m writing this I’m getting ready to go out. “But it’s Monday!” the more innocent of you might say and to those underage children (I’m assuming) I’m forced to reply very scholarly way:  “And???”

The Bad News

This post is ALL about the show.  Not only that, but I’ll talk about it 20,000 words too…

The Worse News

The show went so well that we’re already planning several more. So…. more posts about wedding shows to come.  Has worse news ever been so exciting?

I hope you enjoyed my 20,500+ word blog post. For those of you who aren’t getting it  and are busy clicking away and looking for the other 20,000 words, don’t worry about it too much because eventually…

You’ll get the picture. 😉

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