All the truth you can handle

I love seeing my name in lights! Or better yet, online. As long as my name is in something or on something, I’m happy.

In most recent news, I’ve been published again, yay! This time in the online newszine  I was asked to be controversial, push the envelope, break the seal and challenge your views. And after my kittens vs puppies debate was vetoed (not cute enough, they told me), it was my next submission that got the popular vote….

Compulsory voting; A really nice way to say ‘do it or else’

Or else what?

Well if you don’t have a good reason for not voting (illness, etc.) Then you could face a sentence of community service, fines, or even jail time if these terms are not met within the specified time lines. Fair or not, this is the reality in countries like Australia, Belgium, Greece and more. And with overall lower voter turnout worldwide, and the potential for an easy revenue grab with non-voter fines, what’s to stop it from coming to your country?

Wanna find out the truth?…click here




Bonus:  Link to the CBC’s Voting Compass. On Monday, May 2 Canada, Don’t forget to vote!!

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