The Mating Game

Hey. You wanna go watch my dog make puppies?

Puppies!?! Of course I wanna see puppies. Who doesn’t want to see puppies. As innocent as that sounds, what this friend really meant to ask me was:  “Do you wanna watch some dogs do it?”

Either way, I would still have said yes so off we went to watch two doggies go at it in the style of dog.

Thoughts: People usually pay to see this stuff and I’m getting in on the ground floor for free, woo! Puppies!

I Want Puppies!

Motivation: Unless you work professionally with animals, most people don’t usually get the opportunity to play with a litter of puppies. The thought of rolling around with a 6-pack of baby golden retrievers and especially getting the chance to rub it in other people’s faces, was just too great to turn down.

Before Play

We set out late in the evening to bring the two dogs together in an open field. The female’s in heat (Jillie*) and the male dog (Lincoln*) is ready to go. As Lincoln  tries to get on top of Jillie, I start to feel a little weird for watching, nay, gawking at the whole scene (don’t they want some privacy for this?).  Jillie’s owner lets us know that it can happen in the blink of an eye. One minute 2 dogs are playing around, next thing you know – puppy-making is taking place. Yay, puppies!

Make Room for Baby

Wanting to give them some space, we take a walk around and leave the dogs in their playful state of ‘chase the girl-dog’. It’s a whole song and dance routine and it’s interesting (and awkward) to watch. Should we cheer them on or something?

Maybe he Should Buy her Dinner First…

An hour later, the sun has almost set around us but nothing’s happened between puppy maker 1 and puppy maker 2. It’s not that I’m bored (although I am) but for me NOT to be bored, that means the dogs have to do the deed….and I’m still wondering If I’m a freak for going out to watch ’em do it in the first place. Lincoln keeps trying but Jillie ain’t having it. (Been there, eh?). He tried sniffing her, following her around, barking, playful nibbling, whining, and even bringing her some of his toys (gifts work for me…), but she still wouldn’t let him in (heh heh heh). Jillie’s owner says that they’ll need to try it again as Jillie will be in heat for 5 more days and should be ready then. So at long last, when it starts to rain and as I shiver in the dark, the owners decide to give it up.  It’s especially cold outside in Vancouver, BC for late spring and even colder in the dogs’ proverbial bed. I’m cold, I’m wet, my shoes are muddy and I’m whinning more than Lincoln was. I don’t even know why I came out here tonight.  Oh right –


* Names have been changed to protect the randy animals. 😉

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