About me

Everything you believe in is a lie.

Ha! Imagine if that were true. It would change your life right around, wouldn’t it? Make you rethink all those truths you hold dear and everything you thought was forever. Heh heh heh. I do enjoy the shock value. Wanna see my nude pics? Go here.

I live outside the box but think inside the universe (Which one? Who knows)

Essentially – I just wanna try new things until my time’s up.

Current Wish List:

– Live in France (my true love lives there, I’m certain)

– Get to my  ‘perfect’ body weight (the one where people ask you: where do you put it all?)

– Live in Australia

– Travel to Japan

– Breakfast in Spain

– Climb a mountain (any of the mid sized ones will do)

– Teach a fitness class

– Give an inspirational speech to people who need inspiring

– Make $1M on the stock market

– Create (or steal) a bucket list

– Fill in blanks


I hate rules; I love gin & tonics; I’m the kind of girl other girls always get along with; my mother worries I’m MAD; my ideal guy would be smarter than me (but not better looking);  and if I won/earned/stole $250K right now, I would immediately leave the country (for many reasons).


6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hey Girl,

    I’ve got to say – I love reading your blogs – each time I read your blog or any of your writing – I laugh; I cry; I am awed; I wonder “does she really do that? or think that?”BUT regardless of my emotion or thought beaneath it all there is pride – I am very proud of you – your love of life; your ability to make words come alive; your loyalty as a friend; your views are definitely “skewed”sometimes shockingly so – but I have to conclude – the ability of a good writer is to elicit emotions; provoke thought, etc. – you do that so well – congratulations and keep on keeping on……

    Remember though – whatever you do – be careful and take really good care of yourself for me…..

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  4. Hi Janelle,

    you are as witty and interesting in your writing as you are in person! I never even knew you enjoyed writing! What were you doing in business lol?


    • So true darling. I soo wanted to take creative writing courses in school so to compensate, I took French creative writing courses instead. Man were those hard! Thanks for the luv my luv. 😉

  5. Hi Nelley,

    Can you email me? You post about the Sept CM is excellent and I’d like to repost it or something link whatever on my CM blog. Right now I’ve approved your comment which is a link but the comment is off topic for the article you posted it under and it would be better as a full story. I could give you a password to post an entry yourself but I don’t want to write it here 😉 spam AT bikesexual DOT org will get to me as will the one I entered in this form. I’m kinda busy for the next while so I’d rather send you the password and have you post it ASAP than wait for me to do it in a week when it is less topical.

    Take care and take the lane,

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