In a Perfect Wedding World

Braving the cold and the pouring rain, a scrappy group of faux wedding party participants came out to Vancouver’s famed Robson Street on Sunday, April 10, 2011 in support of Dress for Success Vancouver.

Proving that people don’t like to come out when it rains, the estimated dozens who were expected to attend got whittled down to an enthusiastic few who withstood the heavy downpours with big smiles and even bigger hearts.

They handed out pamphlets, informed passers-by about the upcoming Dress for Success power walk and provided donation cards for anyone wishing to make a contribution.

The organizers are trying to raise awareness for Dress for Success Vancouver, an organization that empowers low and no income women to transition into the workforce by providing them with professional attire and a small working wardrobe to get them started in their roles. They also provide other services including a clothing stylist, career counseling and an ongoing mentoring program.–dozens-of-brides-and-grooms-swarm-vancouver

All this in support of the Perfect Wedding Show taking place this Sunday, April 17 at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel in Richmond featuring traditional vendors offering unique wedding options for all bride-to-be’s.

And this is how the article SHOULD have appeared on all the local newspapers if I had any say in it. Oh well.  2 news outlets out of how ever many there are in Vancouver should be good enough for now.


Photo provided by Tempest Photography -


Just Here for the Libations

Stumbling our way through the winter 2011 edition of the Just here for the beer- Wine & Beer festival – a single thought goes through my mind: Why’s that dude wearing a hideous skirt?

Having a foggy recollection of the last Wine & Beer Festival, I had high hopes and liquid dreams for this one. I don’t like beer (tastes like chilled turpentine to me), and I’m not really a big fan of wine (tastes like warm/chilled vinegar me), so obviously the Wine & Beer Festival was just my thing. However, I’m no quitter and by golly, I want to learn to love beer and wine until I can’t live without ’em or until my liver says ‘uncle’… or ‘monkey’… or ‘turkey’ (Darn it. I always forget the safe word).

Where we’re @:

what are you here for again?

The 2011 Wine & Beer Festival
The Best Tasting Deal In Town

The 2011 Wine & Beer Festival will feature a great selection of local and international wines and beers.

The festival ticket price will be ‘all inclusive’ and will feature a live band and door prizes.

There were also rumours of ‘light refreshment’ and you know my rule on free food – always an RSVP yes!

Scheduled to start promptly @ 7pm, we stroll in around 8:15, pay our $50 entry fee and then pick up our food ticket (food!), and most importantly our plastic mug and wine glass for sampling (can i get a plastic keg instead, please?)

Where’s the booze?

Meeting up with punctual friends (showoffs. Punctuality is soooo predictable), they greet us with big grins and overzealous hugs. Jealously I realize they’ve already been heavily sampling the beverages.

Not to be outdone, I quickly get to work. After all, there’s an hour’s worth of catching up to do (with the booze I mean, not with the friends).

The purpose of the event: For guests to sample and taste various wines and beers from local wineries and breweries and perhaps to discover something new.

The reality of the event: All-you-can-drink from 7 to 11pm for $50 on a Saturday night in a room within a casino right in downtown Vancouver.

Ulterior purpose: The best alcoholics anonymous reunion party ever. Woo, I missed you guys!

It’s not all beer cups and wine glasses

I’m quickly directed to some kind of beer booth (yuck) but I’m told the brew has an 8.9% alcohol content (ok, I can be convinced). After shooting down that bitter brew (I’m told I’m supposed to ‘savour’ it, as though that can be done with beer, ha!), I quickly come to the conclusion that I never can, nor ever will be able to stomach a beer (elephant? Is that the safe word?).

Almost immediately after my epiphany, an angel of a gal pal directs me to a new friend of hers and an old friend of mine:

Jack Daniels country cocktails. There were many other booths in the room but from that moment on, I only had eyes for Jack. Xoxo

I first met this lovely fellow back in summer 2010 and was happy to get reconnected with this long lost festival friend. We spent the next 2 glorious hours getting fully caught up. He: an up-and-coming cooler beverage in North America with multiple flavours available in most government liquors stores and Me: an avid drinker with access to numerous government liquor stores. Cupid has struck again.

Cheers to booze?

However, as we all know, there’s allegedly a downside to alcohol. In this case it was an actual downside to the alcohol fest:

1.      No live band as advertised. (Hey?! Where’s the live band!?)

2.      No door prizes as advertised (Hey?! Where’s my door prize?!)

3.      The ‘light refreshment’ advertised at the door was a singular tiny, baby, mini pork OR beef slider that all the alkies had to manoeuvre up a stair case to pick up and then manoeuvre down a stair case to eat. Whoever’s bright idea it was to add an obstacle course to an alcohol festival is either a sadist or a genius (welcome to the 2011 edition of drunken games!)

Sure I ate 4 of them (stolen food tickets! Hee hee hee) but I was only supposed to have one and that’s the point. Add a bag of chips or something you cheapskates.

You ain’t gotta go home…

Despite the problems and omissions, the Wine & Beer fest was exactly what it was supposed to be – a thinly veiled house party sponsored by the beer and wine vendors of BC.

In the end, while trying to wrangle the gang together to head out for the after party, the overall group consensus of the event was a loud and consistent: “Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

Some were excited by finding a new wine to buy and others were happy to have sampled a flavour of a local brew they’ve always wanted to try. I too had a great time at this festival and I now know that when given the choice between beer or wine…

I’ll always choose Jack.




Oh and the dude was wearing a skirt for his bachelor party:

I still think I could've worn it better...

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Unexciting, Non-Adventure

I saw the ad weeks ago and was excited ever since. I’ve been dying to do some exciting outdoor stuff in Vancouver and knew (I KNEW!) The Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show would be the show to help me do it. Woo!

Grabbing an equally excited friend, we excitedly went to the venue, excitedly bought our tickets and excitedly burst through the doors of the convention centre.

And that’s when all the excitement ended.

For a show with the words  “Outdoor Adventure” and “Travel” in it, you would assume  interesting and, well, exciting, right? Well you shouldn’t.  To put it in perspective, the most exciting thing about the show was the free bag of Old Dutch potato chips we got on our way out.

So what was I expecting, anyway?

New ideas! Fun (and preferably local) activities to do on the weekend. Affordable would be nice but outside the box would be better. I already mountain bike, snowboard, hike, camp, ice skate, roller blade, box, kick box and run (well light jog). Gimme something else to do.

Enter the boredom

Soooo many booths. And they all look the same. Oooo! maybe it’s like a maze and if you can find your way around you win a prize? No? Just confusing and maze-like by accident. Oh. Call me lazy (because I can be) but I didn’t want to have to use a map to navigate my way to the one booth I came to see anyway or to have to figure out where I was in the large room without the incentive of a prize for my efforts.

The lows

Free stuff

Free stuff? Yes, usually a highlight anywhere, the Motts Garden Cocktail booth was giving away huge cups filled with tomato juice – I mean garden cocktail. Now I love tomato juice (although I’m used to it including vodka and a celery stick…) but even I couldn’t stomach two and a half cups of the stuff in one sitting. Sure enough, one booth over, there were piles of half filled cups all over an empty table.

Adventure slide shows

As per the website:

See breathtaking slide presentations, and hear from seasoned adventure travelers as they share incredible stories of the thrill of adventure travel!

Yes, that’s what a true adventurer wants to do. Hear about other people’s fun times and thrilling lives. Complete with a slide show of static pics?? Whoa. That doesn’t sound boring at all!

Even the cafeteria/food services area was un-adventurous. Nowhere was there Eagle meat burgers, Dodo bird flavoured potato sticks or even Unicorn taquitos.  The most adventurous item on the menu – hot dogs.

Whose booth is this anyway?

If any of the following booths cause your breath to quicken, your heart to skip or your pulse to race…then you lead a very boring and sad life:

  • We introduce to you…The Safeway Pharmacy booth
  • The Province Newspaper booth– I like the province newspaper and read it all the time, but I also like Entertainment Weekly, O Magazine and the daily 24 hours newspaper. My point – none of them belong at the outdoor adventure/travel show.
  • Canada Border Services Agency boothreminding you of what you can and cannot travel with (still have that ‘no weapons’ rule? Party poopers!)
  • Canadian Diabetes Association booth????
  • Canadian Food and Inspection Agency booth – ????
  • Green Party of Canada booth????

The highs

Campink – Pink camping gear! We all know we can get camping gear anywhere  (ever heard of M.E.C or Walmart?) so you really need to give me some kind of incentive to buy it at the show and lug it all home.

Answer: Make it pretty and colour it pink.  A unique twist on an original product.

I don’t even need to go camping to use this stuff either. I will happily find a use for a bright pink flantern.

You'll go perfectly with my neon green living room set!

Surfsister – surfing lessons on the beach. They provide the wetsuits and gear so all I have to do is show up. Sweet. That’s how l like all my activities – pre set, exciting, and requiring little more than for me to show up (kinda like a good first date). Now while I’d prefer if they were in Vancouver (they’re in Tofino, BC – a 4 hour trek away), they tell me the reason for the Tofino location is because they need an ‘ocean’ and ‘waves’ in order for us to surf.

Bah humbug. Call me when we can start surfing ‘inland’ or in a ‘wave pool’ (which is a really good idea so somebody invent that!)

On the other hand

iparaglide – It’s the newest thing I want to try – paragliding!  I went to the show specifically to see what price I could get and where they were located (the office address is located downtown which sort of didn’t make sense…).  Turns out that beginners paraglide off a big hill/slope located 2 cities to the south of Vancouver and then after we get better we get to paraglide off a mountain located 4 cities to the east of Vancouver. That (out-of-the-way locations) and it’s pricey are two of the reasons I decided to put my wallet away. Starting in the hundreds, I also have to add in the cost of renting a car to get to the various public transit-unfriendly mountains.


So although I love adventure and I crave excitement and I live for something fun to do, it seems I still have no problem doing anything fun and adventurous…

As long as it’s within my city limits.

And for free. 😉

The End is Nigh!

Well the end of the year is nigh, at least.  So nigh, in fact, it’s pretty much here already. By the time you read this line, there will be less than 2 weeks till the ball drops for 2011. Rather than dropping the ball and waiting for Jan 1, 2011 myself (how passé!) I want to be the first to drop my 2010 Retrospective highlighting one top  post from each month. So without further adieu, I present to you:

2010: A 2010 Retrospective looking back at a year of blogging in 2010. Retrospectively.

January 2010: Why should polar bears have all the fun?

Tempting fate and Mother Nature by taking an ice cold dip in the Pacific Ocean. If you think a person has to be mad to do it – you’re just about right on that. The madder the better.

Would I do it again? I guess you`ll find out in less than 2 weeks…

February 2010: Please, oh please, won’t you be my anti-valentine?

Inspired by love and all its BS, as well as this hilarious antivalentine’s day card courtesy of


March 2010: End Game

Olympic Fever hit me as early as January and I had several posts on the Olympics over a 2 month period culminating in this final, sad entry. Olymmmmmpicsssss! Those who lived it just know. Those who didn’t could be better off not feeling the loss of a time when the city of Vancouver was engulfed, enthralled and enchanted by all that was and might never be again. Sigh. So as you can tell it’s a fun, uplifting post. 😉

April 2010: Supporting the Arts

Oh Septocus! How I wanted this great performance art piece to be bad. I’ve never been so happy to be disappointed in my life. (Contrarily, I really wanted this performance art to be good and it was…not that)


May 2010: I’ve got your future right here

I paid $40 to be told the equivalent of what I could have discovered using a Magic 8-ball. Thinking of getting your palm read and your crystals analyzed? Simply remove my name in this post and paste in yours. Bam! I just saved you $40.

June 2010: Love thy Father

My heartfelt salute to my most favouritest man in the world – Daddykins! Interestingly enough, he doesn’t read my blog – the bastard! 😉 Xoxo!

July 2010: Festivus of Beer

Ah yes, an alcoholic’s dream come true… Assuming the alcoholic liked beer. Unfortunately I don’t. Read on for the details of this living nightmare.

August 2010: Pie Times

22 pies to taste and one spork with which to do it. As any 12-year-old girl with an eating disorder would say: OMG. Get a napkin ready and read on about the best day of my life!

Pies as far as the eye can see! Wheeee!

September 2010: Peaceful Anarchy

Cycling for hours just for the hell of it. If we cause a little anarchy while we’re at it, so be it.

October 2010: The Grouse Grind®

Took on this bitch and it kicked my arse. Twice! Argh! I don’t take defeat very well. I’ll see you again in the spring, you sanctimonious whore! If you don`t know what the grouse grind is, count yourself lucky. And probably lazy. Yah you heard me. Take the challenge! 

November 2010: Wedding Fever

I finally learned about the fun in marriage Weddings! The glam; the photographers; the planning; the fun; the cake (oh my, the cake!); the party; the gifts; and the most important part of that day – the open bar! Marriages do not = weddings.  A wedding is the drug: an ecstasy pill coated in butter cream frosting, served with free flowing champagne.   Marriage is what comes after the drug fuelled, champagne high. Like the hangover if you will. heh heh heh. Hey, there’s always the simple cure (divorce) and then you can have another wedding, woo!

December 2010:

What? A 2010 retrospective looking back at a favourite blog from each month in 2010? What a great idea. 😉

Is this considered a paradox thingy?  Nope. Apparently it’s called Recursion. Learning is fun! (except when it isn’t)

December 2010 (the real one): `tis the season (pt II)

Get in the spirit with this handy guide that should motivate you to get off your couch!… or stay on it. I have tips for you lazy folks too. And yes, you’re welcome.

The Nigh at the End

There you have it. A non-comprehensive 2010 retrospective on the year 2010 (a retrospective).

What’s next for 2011? What’s next on the agenda? What will happen over the next 12 months? What predictions or speculations are on the horizon for the coming year? I haven’t a clue but after seeing that fortune teller back in May 2010, I do know one thing for sure:

Neither does she.

Happy 365!

What a short, interesting trip it’s been

A year already. It’s a continuous theme in my blog posts: time flies. Now is the time to seize the day, carpe noctem, et cetera and on & on and so on and so forth.

Perhaps you’re a little confused, but in case you haven’t been paying attention (and in your defence, I haven’t been either):


Now THAT's an anniversary cake!

It’s been one year since I started this blog and today’s post is the first post of year two. Woo!  So technically I missed the anniversary date (September 27th) but just like in my relationships, I’m not one to pay particular attention to big dates (We’ve been together a year already? Are you sure?)  and this one-year mark is another milestone date that came by surprise.

I looked back at my first and still favourite post: the 3-way conundrum; which openly mocked the aftermath of the dissolution of a relationship. This took me more than 3 weeks to compose; it went through several different edits and rewrites and it had no accompanying photos (to protect the guilty). I had the simple goals at the time of keeping it simple, clever, clean and under 500 words (official word count: 512). Reading it again for the first time in over a year, I still like it for its brevity, hilarity, and clarity. It even had its corresponding facebook promotional post:

Going to lunch with an ex. I need to wear something that says ‘I’ve moved on”, “I’m happy with my life right now”, and “Your new girlfriend is probably a whore.” Hmmmm. I’m thinking something in a pattern perhaps? 😉

I’ll admit it’s slightly petty (and over a year later, I’m still totally okay with that), but it was also liberating at the time. It was writing therapy and I suggest you try it sometime (shake out those dusty skeletons).

Moving on, I moved on from there to write about anything, everything and all the fun little in-between activities that came along.

In the beginning

I had no real goal or direction. ‘Living’ is pretty general (just requires breathing – artificial or not) and could relate to many things. Whatever whim, activity or invitation came my way, I would quickly RSVP Y-E-S.  I may have only showed up to about half the events and arrived late to the rest of them (more fashionable that way, of course) but I have accomplished, experienced and been a part of the most random sampling of ‘living’ this side of the hereafter:

– There was my continuous, internal struggle for my love of food men manly food.

– Followed by my deep, outwardly struggle against the battle of the bulge (here’s a hint, I kicked its ASS!)

– A reason to settle for Mr. Right Now: Be my anti-valentine

– Reasons why you shouldn’t (or maybe I shouldn’t) drink and shop

Free booze + shopping =$60 cheap "gold" earrings

– How the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics took over my life. Then a second time. Then again.

-I’m telling the world: What really happens in Vegas

My second home

– Would you like to go salsa dancing with me? Great. Be ready @ 3AM to go.

– Spilling the beans on a great girl’s night out

– My limited number of good deeds (unfortunately just wanting to be good doesn’t count. Humph) Maybe giving up my car counts?

– How I joined the polar bear club (kind of like the mile high club but totally different)

– The time I became a degenerate gambler (bet you 5 to 1 and my right kidney that it won’t happen again!)

…etc, and on & on and so on and so forth. 52 weeks and 52 posts and its getting more fun by the week. I’m even considering changing to a more than once a week format but I think that kind of radical thinking should be saved for year three (crazy hippie thinking!).

Where we go from here

Year one was about trying different activities, living through new experiences, taking part in unusual events and being open minded to everything (especially this).

In year two, I still want to try new things (so much to try, taste and do!) but I’ll be going to the people this time. Confused? Perfect. That’s how I like my audience – highly expectant and in the dark.

Curious? Great! That’s even better.

Stay tuned. 😉




Ok fine, here are a couple hints:

  • Gastronomic Anomalies: with so much good food out there, why do people feel the need to make this stuff??
  • Happy Sexy You
  • How am I supposed to eat THAT?
  • The bartering system: the real oldest profession

Anniversary cake image

In Vegas

Brown Girl in the Ring: A Fringe Festival play review

30 minutes in…

I don’t get it.

We must be at least 30 minutes into this play (or so it feels) and the black woman on stage, performing her well-reviewed one-woman show, is wearing a horrendously bright blond wig and a pink dress that’s even brighter.

What is the Fringe Festival? Every year the Fringe delivers an eclectic mix [..} of theatrical offerings. Presenting live theatre in an informal, accessible and inexpensive environment, the Fringe strives to break down traditional boundaries between audiences and artists […]. Audiences are invited to experience the work of emerging artists and seasoned veterans.

I didn’t bother to read the play synopsis prior to seeing Brown Girl in the Ring. My only play experience has been a handful of high school productions of whatever (better left forgotten. I was even IN one. *Shudder*), one Oscar Wilde play (The Importance of Being Earnest in grade 10) and seeing several TV ads for The Lion King (I really need to see it one day). With such a vast pedigree of play watching (and wanna watch it) experience, I didn’t bother to read the synopsis for this one. A friend was excited to see it, which was enough for me, and of course I assume a play is a play, right?

It’s almost amusing how often my assumptions are incorrect.


As the sole actress on stage sings the title of her play in a high pitched, shrill voice: “There’s a brown girl in the ring, tra-la-la-la-la-la-la” my seatmate and I exchange glances and I barely muster a shrug as I fight off a huge laugh brimming at the back of my throat.

But aren’t we supposed to laugh? Within the first few lines of the play the actress had audience members around me guffawing at her satirical jokes. I glance around at my immediate group to see if they’re getting the humour I’m clearly missing. I feel like I’ve arrived at a test I forgot to study for and now have to BS my way through to a passing grade. I relax and breathe a sigh of relief when I note my friends were as dumbstruck as I was. Even more so in some cases (double phew!).

4 Stars.Edmonton Journal: The perfect play for anyone wanting to know what the Fringe is essentially all about. – See Magazine, Edmonton

I didn’t understand this review until after seeing the play. This review might not actually be as glowing as I initially assumed. Are those 4 stars out of 5 or 10? Hmmmm.

1 hour+ in…

Back on stage, the actress has just finished talking to her gloved hand as though it were a real person and is now slowly dancing and twirling in a circle, like the ballerina in a little girl’s jewellery box. It’s both eerie and nonsensical. I pat my purse on my lap and secretly envy my beautiful blackberry phone buried deep within, as it gets to hide its face and silently escape this whole scene. As if mocking my plight, my blackberry suddenly starts to vibrate, a sound that’s magnified a hundred times in the small, intimate theatre (Oops. Meant to put that on silent. Tee hee.). Fortunately, the actress doesn’t hear it. Unfortunately this means I’m not asked to leave the theatre (should have put the dang thing on extra ‘kick me out of theatre’ loud).

The actress' view of us

2 hours later(?)…

When the play finally comes to an end  I feel as though it lasted for hours. Finally freeing my cellphone from its leather cage,  I realize the play was only 45minutes long.


Holla for the Queen, y'all

Afterward, I read the program to get a better idea about whatever the heck it was I just endured watched. My assumption is (and you know how accurate those usually are) that the actress is playing the role of a descendant of the royal lineage -Queen Charlotte Sophia – whose actual African ethnic background was well hidden from the world. As her African heritage is often overlooked and not well known (news to me!) this play might be an examination of what it was like to grow up in an environment where you’re told you’re not who you see in the mirror (hence the crazy and her requests for poutine n’ sushi at restaurants and how she’s a descendant of Dom Pérignon and the Moet family?? Right?) So in any case…

I still don’t get it.




I always wanna spread the positive vibes so here they are:

1.       A 45 minute well acted monologue (she was, no doubt, connected to the character she was playing)

2.       Creativity – an interesting take on a lesser known bit of history (lesser known here in Canada @ least)

“Brown Girl in the Ring” was playing @  the Vancouver Fringe Festival and touring Canada. If you’re still interested  in seeing this play for yourself (hey, I recognize that my review ain’t “glowing”), please check out the actress’ website @

A slip of the Mexican tongue

I love my friends. Without them, I never would have gone to LA, Las Vegas (several times!), plays, beer festivals, polar bear swims, fashion events, Latin festivals, charity stair climbs, Turkish Festivals, Social justice movements, and whatever the heck else they’ll have me do/attend/participate in next week (can’t wait!).

If it wasn’t for their sane (and sometimes insane) ideas, I don’t know how I would ever get off the soft, comfy, invitingly squishy pillows of my couch. On a recent Saturday afternoon, while the couch called softly to me, a girl friend called out to me in a much louder voice:

We’re going to a Mexico thingy downtown. Come with us!

My friends know me too well. Not questioning what the Mexico thingy was (Salsa dancing? Spanish language lessons? Illegal border crossing?) I dutifully got dressed and headed downtown prepared to dance, learn a new language and/or scale an electric fence (in any order).

Located just outside the Vancouver Convention Centre at the site of the 2010 Olympic torch, the festival was scheduled to kick off at 12 noon. Arriving promptly @ 3:35pm, the festival was well under way despite the undesirable weather.

Cool winds, grey skies, and a most probable chance of rain are not ideal conditions for any festival – let alone a Spanish themed one which brings to mind visions of hot summer sun, long sandy beaches and chilled tequila shots (betcha can’t drink just one…). Alas, when the Mexicans have a party, everyone shows up…albeit a little bit late.

Having just gone to the Latin festival a few weeks back, I was confused as to why a Mexican festival was in order now. However, as a fellow lover of Mexican and quasi-Mexican cuisine (me quiero Taco Bell!) I was not one to question an excuse to dance outside on a Saturday afternoon (with music and not by myself for once).

First things first, to the food we go. Long lines greeted us at all 4 of the food pavilions serving the traditional Mexican fare of Tacos, churros, arroz con leches and of course the traditional Mexican fare of Romano’s Pizza (traditionally served in Mexico’s unknown pizza region).

I had no plans to eat anything, but by the time we waited in the long lines to get my friends fed (50 people deep @ each station) I had built up a healthy appetite (standing around chatting and dancing can burn so many calories you know).  As everything was in Spanish, I had my Spanish speaking tour guides translate for me. Tacos were served in platters of 4 for $10 and you could pick from chicken, pork, lamb, prime rib and there was also something listed called lengua. Thinking this was the Spanish word for language, meaning you could order in Spanish or English, I tried to show off my skills to my friends. To my horror, lengua correctly translates to tongue.

As in cow tongue.

As in a cow tongue taco.

As in they cut up and cook the tongue of a cow and for some reason put this concoction into the innocent and open lapels of a lightly heated corn tortilla.

Horribly disgusted by this decidedly revolting culinary concoction, I of course order 4 of them.

Clockwise from top: chicken, pork, lamb & prime rib

Or at least I planned too. If I ended up being hungry after my safe selections of 1-chicken, 1- pork, 1-lamb, and 1- prime rib tacos I was going to have first then I would totally, totally order the…er tongue.

Luckily, I wasn’t.

Up next:

Rock Mexican music to the stage!

Mexican art

Non Mexican, Canadian celebrity spotted – Kristine Kreuk!

Canadian Celebrity Kristin Kreuk

Mariachi Band!

During my time at the fest, I learn the reason we’re all here is not just for the food and drink (sure, sure) but to celebrate the bicentennial of the Mexican Independence movement from Spain. Its also the celebration of the centennial of the revolution brought about by Mexico’s desire to have a local government and to separate from its colonial Spanish controllers.  The fest’s aim is for us to learn more about Mexican culture; to view the marvels of Mexico; to discover lesser-known tourist destinations in Mexico (like Copper Canyon); to view thought provoking art and most importantly to reflect and to think about Mexico’s great traditions and colourful history.

However, all I can think about is that dang tongue.





Romano’s pizza image