Wedding Fever

I want to get married!

Well, not anytime soon (pencil me in for 2020 – a nice round number)

…and certainly not to anyone in particular (whomever fits in the tux!)

…and if you pressed me on this point, I could certainly forgo the whole ‘marriage’ thing too (who needs that stress??)

But after attending the Urban Wedding show and the Welcome Wagon Wedding show, I’ve decided what I do want is a big party dedicated to me, moi, MEEE!

Urban Wedding Show freebies

I like to tell everyone that I’m shy (I’m really not) and the ultra extravagant, once-in-a-lifetime, blow out extravaganza I’m planning in my mind would prove 2 things to everyone:

  1. I’m a liar
  2. I’m really an egomaniac
  3. I love an open bar  (Yeah, Yeah. I know I said 2 things but please refer back to point #1…)

Invited by a wedding minded friend (she’s a wedding consultant looking to make contacts with unique and reputable wedding service providers), I excitedly RSVP’d yes once she casually mentioned that there’d probably be free food samples (woo hoo!) My head dancing with lemon chiffon dreams and white chocolate butter creams, I swooned into the wedding shows and sought after my favourite things to do:

Where’s the food @?

High-End Appetizers: C Catering had beautiful food on display that I immediately fell in love with and almost as quickly inhaled. mmmmm

I want u, & u, & u too!

Apparently what I ate was:

  • Cubed watermelon, crispy prosciutto and seasoned cucumber
  • Salmon wrapped cheese with avocado (not pictured)
  • Sliced persimmon, sliced radish and creamed cheese
  • Vanilla cookie with whipped cream and shaved chocolate
    • Cost: They have a whole range of catering options but @ $35 for 14 of these tasty items, I had better start saving $$$ now

Random Booth: Finally some real cake. A shame it’s chocolate though. Pass!

Be gone from my sight, chocolate cake!

Restaurant Fare: Not a big fan of the items served here, we’re later told that this is a sampling of the appetizers provided by the host restaurant (oh dear).

I'll always wonder what was in that empty dish...

  • Gyoza (generic quality)
  • Bruscetta (I did enjoy the salsa)
  • Vegetarian spring rolls (not a fan)

Get my drink on:

V, a reception/venue located in downtown Vancouver, created the Urban Wedding Martini, made just the way I like my drinks: booze+more booze+even more booze and then a hint of juice. Hiccup. Oh and they had free samples too. mmmm.

so....what r u doing later? 😉

That’s original (or at least new to me):

  • Photo booths!  Ones that print great quality, fully customizable photo strips for attendees too
    • Cost: Rates start @ approx $600+ for 3hours
  • Online Wedding Streaming: Sick of wedding planning and want to elope to Vegas? With this service, you can. Have your stress-free Elvis inspired wedding while all your stressful in-laws get to take part just they way you want them to: far, far away via the live stream on the internet.
    • Cost: Rates start @ $500 for a basic package
  • Flipbooks! This service turns digital video clips into a stop motion type flipbook in a matter of minutes.  You have to see em to love em too.
    • Cost: Rates start @ approx $900+ for the minimum 2 hours required. This includes the flipbook system and a crew to make it happen @ your event

I think I forgot something (AKA the unforgettables):

  • Bad Photography: As an expert in this myself, this ‘photography’ booth showcased amateur photography in an unattractive display case. They also rented dresses but didn’t have pictures of the specific dresses they rent. Hmmmm…
  • How to waste your $1300 booth fee: a duo whom we think are event planners (I thought they were photographers, another friend thought they were videographers, another had no clue what they did) who simply handed out business cards and thanked us for coming to their sparse booth.
  • Fashion blows Shows: Brides, listen up. After 2000+ years, it turns out that white dresses are still in (surprise?). After a painfully boring parade of white dresses go by (ecru, off-white, mother of pearl, whatevs), I decide to wear a dress with colour to my ‘wedding’ and to put my bridesmaids in boring white (ecru, off-white, mother of pearl, whatevs).

Well not THIS one, obviously... but you get the point.

Just Married

All the food samples finished, it was the universal sign that it was time to call it a very long and drawn out day. I never realized how many options there were for a wedding or how much planning is required to orchestrate it all. I also forgot about the only other reason for even having a wedding in the first place – the exorbitant amount of high priced gifts!

Firmly decided on having a cash grab event love-filled wedding, I’ll happily go along with whatever my momma wants so long as I get a photo booth, the flipbook booth , tons of tiny, classy food options and whatever was in that drink. And of course, to avoid any and all stress and headaches, the big day will have to be planned out by my Vancouver, BC based wedding consultant extraordinaire @

Oh ya, and I guess I’ll probably need a groom too*…

(*groom still optional)