In defence of celebrity

Confession: I like Heidi Montag

Not enough to be a fan, do a google search for her or even buy her albums and various products (I think she has a clothing line now?). In fact, barely enough to hit ‘like’ on a facebook fan page, should one exist, and certainly not enough to search for such a page.

No, I have the type of ‘like’ that emerges once everyone else has decided to openly ‘dislike’ someone. Perhaps it’s just my contrary personality (but maybe it’s not). If you dislike someone so much then maybe I can find a reason to like him or her. Just to tick you off, of course. It’s more fun that way.

Now, I’m sure my comments on Heidi aren’t timely but the bandwagon I’m starting certainly is.
Quick recap: Heidi is a reality ‘star’ who’s famous for whatever reality stars do (live?) on the television show The Hills and its subsidiaries (tmz, perezhilton, etc). Most recently, Heidi underwent several surgeries to enhance her face and body (the word ‘enhance’ is subject to debate). She wanted to get it done, she told the world about it too and even got a cover spread on People magazine detailing all 10 procedures. My assumption is she figured the media would have picked up on at least one obvious change anyway (I’ll let you decide which is most obvious) so why not just announce them up front and take away any potential ‘did she or didn’t she?’ debate.

Kinda like six of one...

Well good for her. If there’s something you don’t like about yourself or your body and it bugs you to the point of distraction, go ahead and get it fixed. She has the money and she certainly has the time so why not get the body and face you’ve always wanted?

Bravo Heidi. Bravo.

Speaking of ‘love em or hate em’ celebrities, the name “Bombshell” Michelle McGee is at the top of the current list. If you aren’t in the know, she’s the much-publicized woman who bedded Sandra Bullock’s then husband Jesse James. I’m not for adultery (as the 50% divorce rate proves that at least half of you still believe in the sanctity and forever-ness of marriage) but I am against blaming the mistress/lover. Everyone has a choice and Jesse James made his.

Awww. She looks so innocent...

Is she innocent? I’m going to go with a definite yes (oooo. I can feel the mouths dropping right about now). After all, she wasn’t the married one. However, even my favourite writer/comedienne Tina Fey vilified her on Saturday Night Live (no Tina, no!). Tina called her out by saying “When your body looks like a dirt bag’s binder from 7th grade metal shop it doesn’t bode well for your character” and that the problem is that there are “women like Bombshell McGee running around”. While I’m neutral in regards to tattoos, we can all agree there are woman out there who love full body tattoos and probably aren’t interested in sleeping with your husband.

Next up: Mister Jon Gosselin.

Who's that monkey on your back?

See. My support is not gender specific. The much loved ‘reality dad of the year’ won over North American hearts as the doting and long suffering father and husband to Kate Gosselin and their 8 beautiful children. Today, the ‘dirt bag’ father is winning awards for all the wrong reasons.  Married in his early 20’s, then a father of 8 children by age 26, Jon, now 30, is getting criticized for his Las Vegas partying ways, his Christian Audigier brand shirts and the young women he dates. Of course, that’s all the media’s showing us. We have to now believe that the loving, supportive, full time dad chronicled 24-7 from 2004 to 2009 is now a philandering playboy in 2010. So which version of Jon Gosselin do you think would sell more copies of those weekly trash rags?

I hate finding myself on the supporting end of bad* behaviour (*depends on your definition of bad) however I do love the debates that ensue.

Luckily, there are many sites out there that share my outrage against the vilification of certain celebrities by the media. They also share my compassion for those who unfortunately lay claim to the terms: ‘tabloid heel’ or ‘go-to villain’ and now have every minute of their lives blown up and negatively analyzed in the public eye. I should probably seek out those websites and it would be great of me to support them by signing up to their newsletters, etc or I could even leave encouraging comments on their various blog  posts but frankly,

I’m not that big a fan.




Heidi Montag photo source

Jon Gosselin photo source

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